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My writing has appeared in Condé Nast Traveler, The New York Times, Ms., Islands, Opera News and other journals and magazines. I’ve published social satire, fiction and pieces on professional football, Venetian floods, Jewish woman boxer "The Zion Lion," and heretics John Thomas Scopes and Galileo. One especially monumental piece combines Wagner's Ring Cycle, a performance of "Don Giovanni," and a lousy football game.

In 2010 I began a blog about lawsuits,sidebarforplaintiffs.naomifein.net.
During 2020, Sidebar -- which has expanded into other topics -- is averaging 330,000 hits a month, and has over 90,000 subscribers.

For the most part, my experiences have enhanced my writing, but occasionally my writing created the experience. After doing a sardonic piece about the New York Giants press corps, I got a call from the Giants’s revered general manager, George Young. "How did you get so smart?" was the first thing he said. We remained friends until his death.

I was born on 29th Street in Manhattan, first child of one ex-Trotskyist and one proto-feminist with hair down to her waist. At various times and for various educational purposes, I attended the Juilliard School, Oberlin College, Columbia University and the Speedwriting Institute. I have lived and worked in New York City my entire adult life.

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